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Company Overview


Rocky Mountain Institute transforms global energy use to create a clean, prosperous, and secure

low-carbon future. That is our mission. That is our passion. And every day, every member of our

team of nearly 200 works tirelessly to achieve it. We are driving the global energy transition from

fossil fuels to efficiency and renewables by working in partnership with businesses, communities,

institutions, and entrepreneurs to advance market-based solutions. We achieve this by developing

breakthrough ideas, testing and refining them, reshaping markets, and bringing solutions to scale.

RMI is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in the U.S. with an annual

budget of $46 million and offices in Basalt and Boulder, Colorado; New York City; Washington,

D.C.; and Beijing. www.rmi.org


使命,也是我们机构200 多名员工每天奋斗的目标。我们与企业、社区、科研机构及创业者协作,



命。落基山研究所是一家总部在美国的独立的非营利机构,年度运营预算4600 万美元。我们在美国



In 2013, RMI began working in China as a part of a joint research project including the Energy

Research Institute of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, Lawrence Berkeley

National Labs’ China Energy Group, and Energy Foundation China. The group designed a road

map, called Reinventing Fire: China, to promote renewables and reduce energy consumption and

carbon emissions in the Chinese economy without compromising economic growth. This roadmap

has become the basis for ongoing programmatic activity.

2013 年,落基山研究所开始与中国国家发改委能源研究所、美国劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室的中国能



RMI continues to expand its Chinese presence, with our Beijing office serving as the hub for our

nation-wide engagements. The Beijing office works on multiple parts of China’s energy

transformation including power sector reform, low-carbon mobility and freight solutions, low-carbon

cities, and transforming the building stock.




Power Sector Reform Overview

Manager, China Power Sector Reform


Power Sector Reform Manager



RMI is seeking exceptional manager-level candidates to join its Power Sector Reform team. Our

power sector work is focused on supporting China’s transformation to a market-based system. This

evolution is critical to realizing a low-emissions power sector. This work contains three primary

work streams:




• Providing original research to national-level policymakers to support the design of

appropriate power market reform policy

• 进行国家层面相关政策研究,支持电力市场改革政策的合理设计;

• Working with local entities to design power market rules and build local market oversight

and supervision capacity for market pilots and transitions

• 与地方利益相关方合作,设计电力市场规则,并协助实施电改试点及市场交易的地区提升市


• Enabling the renewable energy industry to directly access markets, leveraging corporate

and city demand to expand renewable installation

• 协助可再生能源直接进入市场,有效利用企业和城市需求,扩大可再生能源装机量。

RMI supports these efforts by:


• Advising national policymakers on high-level power market design and reform rollout

• 进行国家层面相关政策的深度研究,提供高水平电力市场设计和改革建议;

• Providing analysis on forthcoming policies and their impacts, and providing

recommendations as useful

• 提供新政策及其影响分析以及有建设性的建议;

• Modelling power market impacts to generator, grid, and customer economics

• 通过模型分析模拟发电商、电网和用户的经济性影响;

• Recommending specific market rules to implementing provincial policymakers

• 为电力市场规则的执行和完善提供解析和建议;

• Building local capacity to design, operate, and supervise market pilots

• 为地方设计、运行和监管市场试点提供技术支持;

• Developing new transaction mechanisms and contract terms to enable renewable energy’s

direct participation in the market

• 探索不同交易机制并开发相关支持工具,促进可再生能源直接参与市场;

• Representing a community of corporate buyers, project developers, and service providers

looking to pilot renewable energy direct purchase deals in China

• 为有意向参与中国可再生能源直购试点的企业买家、项目开发商和服务供应商搭建社群及平


• Convening policymakers, corporations, and research experts to develop the future vision for

China’s low-carbon power sector

• 与政策决策者、企业和研究专家研讨交流,探讨中国低碳电力部门的未来愿景;

• Connecting Chinese leaders with international experts and helping contextualize other

market experiences in China

• 引入国际专家观点,帮助国际市场的成功经验在中国的本地化应用;

Key Responsibilities, Experience, and Qualifications


This manager position will be primarily responsible for 1) leading the market design and

implementation work at the provincial level, and 2) taking a leading role in representing RMI’s

entire power sector work in high-level external interactions across all three project areas.

Accordingly, this position will work closely with the other managers within the power team, who will

also have a role contributing project management and technical content across all workstreams.




While having strong technical expertise and project management skills is a definite plus, this role’s

primary requirement is strong relationship management skills and executive presence to represent

and successfully sell-through the work developed by the project team to effectively inform and

influence national and provincial-level decisions. While this may not require deep research

expertise in the areas of power market design and renewable integration, a strong working

knowledge of the concepts, rationale, and terminology is essential. Likewise, an ability to scope

and execute high-quality research deliverables on-time and at budget is required. Professional

project management experience is preferred but not required.






This manager position will have the following key responsibilities:


• Actively maintain relationships with key stakeholders and partners

• 积极维护合作关系;

• Coordinate multi-party collaborations providing input to the creation of policy,

implementation plans, and power market rules

• 协调多方合作,为政策制定、计划实施和电力市场规则制定提供专业建议和意见;

• Support the development of the China Power Sector Reform team’s overall strategy; review

and update program strategies with senior leadership team on a regular basis

• 支持RMI中国电力项目团队整体战略的发展,定期与高级管理层审核和更新项目推进战略;

• Integrate the advice and experience of international power experts, adjusting recommended

approaches to the Chinese context

• 整合国际电力专家的建议与经验,根据中国具体情况适时调整;

• Identify industry needs/gaps, and scope clear, achievable deliverables that will meet those


• 识别行业需求/挑战,并提供清晰、可行的解决方案来满足这些需求;

• Develop and manage workplans and budgets, ensuring impactful, high-quality project

delivery, including for consulting engagements with corporate and government partners

• 制定并管理工作计划及预算,确保有影响力、高质量的项目交付,包括为企业和政府合作伙


• Guide the development of insight briefs, research projects, white papers, government coauthored

thought-papers, and presentation materials for various engagements

• 指导洞察报告、研究报告、白皮书、政府合作文件以及展示材料的撰写;

• Manage a team of 2-3 staff, and coordinate with other managers across the Power Sector

Reform team

• 管理2-3人的团队,与电力项目组的其他项目总监协调工作;

• Support business development, identifying new collaborations and projects, and

representing these ideas/engagements to funders as needed

• 支持项目拓展,发现新的合作和项目机会,并按需向资助者展示工作成果;

• Collaborate with other teams in RMI’s China program on cross-sector collaboration


• 以跨部门合作方式与落基山研究所中国项目的其他团队积极合作。

Required experience includes:


• Master degree-equivalent or higher

• 硕士研究生同等或以上学历;

• 5+ years professional experience in a related field

• 相关领域5年以上专业经验;

• Private sector or consulting experience preferred but not required

• 有企业或咨询业工作经历的优先考虑;

• Direct experience developing and managing highly skilled teams

• 有组织和管理高绩效团队的直接经验;

Other general qualifications for this position may include but are not limited to:


• Excellent spoken and written English and Mandarin

• 出色的中英文口语和写作能力;

• Skills and desire to change decision-makers’ minds on complex, politically-charged issues

• 具有影响决策者对于重要问题看法的技巧和愿望;

• Excellent writing skills, visual presentation capability, and verbal communication skills

• 出色的写作技巧、视觉展示能力及沟通技巧;

• Experience working with policymakers, particularly at the local level, with a proven ability to

sell-through new concepts and manage those relations

• 有与政策决策者,尤其是省级政策制定者共事的经验,有能力传达新的概念并维护与地方决


• A solid understanding of wholesale power markets fundamentals, China’s power sector

structure, and reform trajectory

• 深入了解批发电力市场、中国电力部门结构以及电改进程基本原理;

• Ability to drive from ideas to implementation, identifying appropriate projects and

engagements that can affect concrete, measurable change on broad topics

• 有能力将想法付诸实践,发现优质项目,并能接洽合适的利益相关方;

• Strong quantitative comfort, representing complex concepts and modeling results in clear

terms to policymakers and industry leaders

• 出色的量化处理能力,能够清晰地向决策者和行业领导展示复杂概念和模拟结果;

• Intense curiosity and creativity, and a willingness to take risks by testing new ideas

• 充满好奇心与创造力,敢于冒险探索和尝试新创意;

• Entrepreneurial self-starter, with a willingness to plunge into unfamiliar problems

• 工作积极主动,愿意投入精力解决新问题;

• Comfort with altering a course of work mid-stream and working with ambiguity

• 能够适应在项目推进过程中的策略变动,并妥善处理工作中的不确定性;

• Proven cross-cultural sensitivity, with overseas education or work experience preferred

• 有丰富的跨文化工作经验和敏感度,具有海外教育或工作经验的优先考虑;

• High emotional intelligence and desire to work collaboratively

• 团队意识强;

• A passion for making the world better

• 有将世界变得更好的激情与愿望。



Beijing, China


How to Apply


Please submit a cover letter addressing your interest in working for RMI and your resume to

chinaHR@rmi.org. Please submit materials bilingually or in English.


Be prepared to submit a resume and a cover letter, both documents are required. Candidates who

do not provide a compelling answer to the question "Why do you want to work at Rocky Mountain

Institute" in their cover letter may not be considered. Additionally, incomplete application materials

(for example, a missing cover letter) may not be considered. Due to the large number of

applications received, RMI is not able to respond to every applicant. We will be in contact with

applicants moving to the interview stage.


在落基山研究所工作?” 此外,如申请材料不完整(如求职信缺失)者,将不予考虑安排面试。我们


If you have questions regarding the position, please email: chinaHR@rmi.org.

如对招聘职位有任何疑问,请发送邮件至 chinaHR@rmi.org

RMI is an equal opportunity employer. No phone calls please.


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